I last wrote in the Fall.  Now it is Spring.  I am not yet a good New Englander as I don’t enjoy Winter weather.  It’s my opinion Winter is definitely over:   the weather feels warmer;  bulbs are emerging from the soil; I’m tempted to put out pots and fill them with flowers.  The lesson Winter teaches me is to embrace Spring.

It also seems that each time I write there has been a transition in my life and this time is no different.  My husband Don’s long eight-year journey with Alzheimer’s Disease ended on March 8, 2013.  He died very peacefully and quickly.  Those of us on the journey with Don were gratified that he always had a smile for us and never stopped teasing us.  He recognized us each time we visited.  Our memories of Don are happy ones.  It’s been a long goodbye.

There will be a Celebration of his Life in Saratoga, CA, on April 20.  This summer there will be a memorial service and interment in the Columbarium at Glastonbury Abbey, Hingham, MA, followed by an East Coast celebration.

Transitions are important for personal growth and I look forward to whatever changes and opportunities will flow into my life and will be forever thankful to Donnie for twenty wonderful years.

One thought on “Spring

  1. Hi Priscilla ;
    We are comforted that you are coping well .This is PC Ong and Helen from Singapore. We had news of Don’s passing last month and was saddened.I informed all his friends and NSC colleagues here.Each of us has an impression of Don and they wrote back remembering him as a charismatic leader , tough but emphatic. I have a special relationship with Don because of more private time with him and you during your Asia visit. We love him dearly and will always have him close to our hearts.
    You take care and we will check your blog with interest and affection.
    PC and Helen

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