Necklace "Picaresque"


I intuitively named this necklace “Picaresque.” Upon thinking of the meaning as rogue or bohemian, it is really appropriate. This necklace is all about the centerpiece; I made it in a class in the 90’s, wore it in the bohemian era on a cord, and put it aside.

Recycled, reused and re-invented, it is happy now with yellow jade beads tying the centerpiece to the necklace. Only after living in Hong Kong and becoming a regular at the Jade Market did I realize how many colors of jade there are! This strand is a honey mustard shade, interspersed with the same ethnic beads as the centerpiece. It is finished with a gold metal clasp.

Let me describe the delicious beads featured in the centerpiece: The most roguish are the two irregular rounds of ram’s horn—the first and only time I had a chance to buy ram’s horn; from Morocco’s Atlas Mountains as I recall. My next favorite beads are the jasper and yellow striped beads. They are trade beads from Mozambique that I bought in a Lisbon, Portugal flea market in 1965…long before beading was a word that had even drifted through my mind!

You’ll also notice a conical wood bead in the same honey mustard shade, two ethnic jasper beads of unknown provenance, green sand-cast glass African beads, and glass jasper spacers. The framework for the centerpiece is brass wire.

The necklace measures 22” with the centerpiece 3” wide by 3 ½” long. The price is $215 including shipping.

5 thoughts on “Picaresque

  1. What a delightful piece you are featuring!  So good to hear from you and see your lovely creation! 

    We are gearing up for Easter and the week following with the kids here.  Brenda plans to stay the week with the boys but Larry has to return to work on Tues.  Carla had her Easter week this past week so she is not coming with the rest.

    I have been going to water therapy 2 times a week in Santa Maria along with an older lady friend I met through the Model A club.  I have bursitis in my knees and was in so much pain  I could hardly walk.  I can’t believe my dr. never took me seriously when complaining of the pain all these years.  I am improving but still have a ways to go.  Losing weight always the answer which I am trying to do. It’s a drive to SM but I don’t mind and we gab all the way there and back – rather, Angie does! 

    The Rosa’s house is now owned by Diane Rouchelle.  Look up Ben Rouchelle sometime on google.  She was married to him until his death 12 yrs. ago.  He was 91 at the time of death.  She is now 62. Holy Cow – about 40+ years different in age!  She is a hoot for sure.  She’s crazy but in a very sweet way.  She raises thoroughbred race horses at her $12M ranch in Paso and won’t move totally until that place sells.  She has improved the place here already and has lots of big ideas to do more.  Who knows?   She is ‘downsizing’!

    All is well with the rest of the Ranch, although we don’t even know some of the new neighbors.  It’s just not the same!

    Let us know when you will be in the area again.

    Happy Easter to you and all the Kelleys!

    Love, Sharon

    WordPress.com Priscilla Beadle posted: ”      I intuitively named this necklace “Picaresque.” Upon thinking of the meaning as rogue or bohemian, it is really appropriate. This necklace is all about the centerpiece; I made it in a class in the 90’s, wore it in the boh”

  2. This is fabulous and I love the description. It was all I could do to not email immediately and say’ I’ll take it’ but I’m sure it is gone by now. I sent it on to a friend in the Bay Area who makes jewelry and she loved it as well.

    Hope you are through the thaw and rain and have all those wonderful blooming trees and shrubs abounding. We’ve had a very weird spring, very cold and damp and then 100 degrees last week and now lots of cold wine. The plants are looking a bit frazzled and all the new blooms are the roses are being blown away.

    Spent last weekend at LaVerne, Peggy retired after 35 years at the university so there was a huge dinner and then on Saturday and Sunday too many Deal family events. Culminated on Sunday afternoon with Aunt Norma’s 92nd birthday party where she told stories and there was much laughter. Despite all the craziness it is a wonderful family. Hoping your family is doing well and pets to Sasha and Maxie.



  3. Hi Priscilla,

    Don’t know if you get these emails but thought you would like to see the Seeds of Eden necklace below—it is made with zippers!

    We were talking about your end of summer rose lunches the other day and how we all missed you. The neighborhood has changed so much, I think there are only like ten of the original home owners now. The Crawford’s sold and moved back to the country club and the Fosters (Victorian house) lost their house to the bank and have moved. Sharon probably told you about her new neighbor that bought the Rosa’s house—a crazy millionaire who is redoing everything inside and out. She put in about thirty trees around the house and torn out floors, walls and baths. She is in her early fifties, her husband died ten years ago, she was thirty and he was eighty when they married! He was a vaudeville star so she talks about friends like Milton Berle. Odd but adds a little color to the neighborhood.

    We’ve been dealing with a new medical issue with Janie, she was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor. Took her to Stanford two weeks ago and the neurosurgeon was very positive about using a laser knife procedure instead of surgery. We were set to start treatments in two weeks and heard yesterday her insurance denied authorization. So now begins the fight with the insurance company and see if there are other alternatives. She is doing well overall, living with her new guy and they are really happy so that part is good.

    We’re still plugging along here. Nancy decided to sell or lease the office building so I’m subletting in a new space one day a week, would like to do two but can’t find anything available right now. Terry just published a new book How Great Leaders Think that is aimed at business people instead of a textbook that he pretty excited about.

    Hope you and Maxie and Dasha are all good. Loved your last necklace posting.



    • Hi Sandy,
      I do get these emails. In fact I love them; it is great hearing all the news. Unfortunately, the zipper pix wasn’t attached.
      I shall add Janie to my prayer list and the list at Glastonbury Abbey. I hope the insurance issue is resolved soon and in her favor.
      Congrats and hugs to Terry! Always good to branch out.
      The previous necklace, Picaresque, is still available. East Coast folks aren’t as adventuresome as Westies…as I am sure you remember!
      Thanks for your letter,
      much love,

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