Cate Blanchett Elevates Turquoise to an Oscar Win!

Cate Blanchett Elevates Turquoise to an Oscar Win!

Cate Blanchett Elevates Turquoise to an Oscar Win!


No news can ever be too old in my bead world. So here is my take on the Oscar 2015 jewelry. Just one take, really: Cate Blanchett!
She wore a stunning choker-length bib made by Tiffany (who knew they were into beaded jewelry?) featuring turquoise, aquamarine, and diamonds. Perhaps they were attached to a net backing since I saw no stringing materials.
I noticed her early on the Red Carpet (didn’t you miss Joan Rivers?) and my first thought was that she was wearing a multi-strand of various-sized turquoise beads. Being ever so smarmy, I thought “way too casual”. Fortunately, she hung around for many shots and I caught the sparkle of the diamonds. How original! How daring! Thank you, Cate, for putting beads in the spotlight!
Other watchables were Scarlett Johansson’s teal bib going from her neck to her décolletage; Viola Davis in pearls and diamonds; and Margot Robbie wearing an incredible vintage sapphire and diamond piece.
I plan to let the turquoise and pearls inspire me as I make my Spring, er, March return to my studio.
You’ll see them here and at Open Studios, July 11-12 and August 22-23.
On the personal side, I chose to sit this winter out. Lucky choice, it turned out, to have selected this year for my knee replacement. I am snug as a bug staring out at the massive snow banks instead of walking and driving in them. Lots of physical therapy and connections with friends near and far has made it work for me. I am progressing well and actually venture out into the whiteness on March 9. Let life re-commence!
Studio life returns on March 2. After a general tidying-up, I am going to do a few winter-white-cold weather-snowdrifts visible out the window-type necklaces in rock crystal, pearls, moonstone. Thanks, Robin! I was complaining to her about the cold snowy views getting in the way of happy beading when she suggested I just let them inspire me!


Tiffany Necklace Blanchett 2015



3 thoughts on “Cate Blanchett Elevates Turquoise to an Oscar Win!

  1. Aren’t those fabulous?! And……please send me a pic of the winter white….I may place dibs on it…..since I didn’t get enough of the ‘white stuff’…..haha

    Sent from my iPad


    • Hey Marybeth,
      They are still in my head, but will notify you immediately, probably after Easter. Enjoy Florida, we still have snowbergs, altho temp hit 38 this am!
      Love, Priscilla

  2. Just finished Loving a Frank Now want to visit every house he ever built! Great story… I had no idea Girl on the train is next Happy beading! Glad you are feeling better Love A

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