Drawer 9: Brown


“Mistress of Spices”

 Week 9/Drawer 9: March 1, 2017: “Mistress of Spices” 

As I wrote last week, Drawers 8 & 9 are labeled Brown, but there is not a lot of traditional brown color; rather there is honey, root beer, caramel, brick and mahogany. Drawer 9 features some beads of the traditional brown color.


The longer strand is obsidian with a clever polka dot lampwork glass centerpiece made by a friend named Rich from Arroyo Grande, CA. The shorter looks like the same organic obsidian but it is man-made.




Polka dot centerpiece; note similarity between natural and man-made strands; three unpolished obsidian beads on bottom left.


Obsidian possesses the same texture of any of the semi-precious stones I love to use, but it is actually volcanic glass, always dark in appearance, and often imbued with iron which creates the brown/black mottling.  Its formation dates to the Neotholic Age; it is found in many places in the world, including a whole mountain of it at Mammoth Hot Springs (Yellowstone area); and was used for arrowheads by the Chumash Indians who hung around San Luis Obispo long before I did.

I had just a few unpolished matte chips which I added for visual attraction to the polished outside strand.

The man-made inside strand consists of Wonder Beads which are multiple layers of transparent lacquer over a basic acrylic bead, producing the mesmerizing effect of light floating through the surface of the bead. The title of this necklace only extends the mysterious elements.

It is 20.5” long and earrings are included. $75.

One thought on “Drawer 9: Brown

  1. Thanks for pics on drawer 8. A lot of different colors in brown. Interesting background with the beads

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