Drawer 38: Semi-Precious Gem Stones: Chrysoprase


“Heart’s Desire”

My Chinese Apothecary Chest:   in 1994, it arrived via container to California from Hong Kong, where I discovered beading during my husband’s ex-pat assignment.   Serves as the repository for my beads.  Handcrafted.  It has 52 Drawers, mostly sorted by color.

2017 Challenge: Create a Necklace a Week, using only the Beads from one Drawer at a time. Voila!  52 Necklaces!

Week 38/Drawer 38: September 20, 2017: “Heart’s Desire”

If Chrysoprase isn’t a challenge to pronounce, try this: it is a cryptocrystalline which means it is composed of extra-fine crystals.  To me that is perfectly evident when I look at the translucence sparkling from the inside to the surface.  And BTW, this wonderfulness exists because the crystals have a trace of nickel in them!



The minty green color of the beads I am using in this necklace is the most popular of its several shades.

The rocks of chrysoprase I saw in my research all had brown streaks running through them.

That the cutters kept some brown is the feature that caused me to buy two strands  of these beads.

In sharp but pleasant contrast to the minty green is the solid honey brown of the two brown chrysoprase centerpieces and the earrings.  The contrast  gives this chrysoprase necklace real personality!


I am not a metaphysical user of crystals, but my research indicates chrysoprase is a major heart chakra: “its relaxing and serene vibes help cool the intense emotions of anxiety, especially if you place it over your heart”.  Another quote:  “the strong flow of healing energy through the heart boosts circulation and brings you closer to living from the heart and embracing universal love”.  Pretty nice way to exist…

The clasp and earwires are vermeil which is 14 karat gold over silver.  This two strand necklace measures 18”; and earrings are included.  $99.


9 thoughts on “Drawer 38: Semi-Precious Gem Stones: Chrysoprase

  1. Even in a photograph, the tactile appeal of this stone comes through; I can just imagination the cool, calm, serenity of this on the skin. I can see how it could have heart healing powers! Lovely and appropriate balance in the necklace design…

  2. Priscilla:

    Chrysoprase. What a word? The name begs to be explored and understood. Its sound is so luring, so sensual. Almost enough to entice one out of Catholicism and into some sort of metaphysical mumbo-jumbo. After all, chrysoprase “will empower you to understand more deeply, the concepts around Divine Truth, as you center yourself within your heart. It promotes feelings of love and of forgiveness, and releases ego based negativity associated with co-dependent relationships”. All of that for only $99.00! Wow!! This is surely much more attractive than hell and damnation. Ha!

    “The meaning of Chrysoprase comes from two words, chrys being the Greek for ‘gold or yellow’ and prase from the Greek for ‘leek’, referring to the green coloring of it.
    The colors of the natural stone varies, depending on how much nickel there is them. In the past the gold or yellowish green colored stone may have been more common, but these days the apple green Chrysoprase is the most common variety.”

    You’re at week 38; 52 is not far away! As always, I enjoy your narratives. The English major keeps coming through.


    Wayne B Snyder

    E: wayne@talentage.com
    M: 650-248-7772
    S: wayne.b.snyder

  3. This is probably my least favorite of the year. Probably just don’t like the color. No Justin yet; Nick home. See you Sunday, Dotty

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  4. I love how the necklace is flawed and the earrings are adorable!
    The stone looks so polished and shiny- makes you want to touch it!

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  5. Another interesting beauty. I appreciate your sense of style and the research that you do before and during the creation of your pieces.

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