Week 53: 2017 IN REVIEW

Thank you, dear readers, for your congratulatory comments! And thank you (WBS), for the bottles of champagne!  We’re all celebrating the achievement of a goal!  I couldn’t have done it without you, reading and commenting.  I received 326 of your encouraging comments over last year!  Thank you, thank you!


I couldn’t resist doing some analysis. The most popular week was #11 (amber glass) with 11 comments; followed by week 17 (dark green) and week 38 (chrysoprase) with 9 comments; and week 25 (iridescent), with 8 comments.  Then I checked he lower end:  the peach necklace of week 15 got one comment, as did weeks 9 and 24 (brown and black with other colors).


What was easy? Writing each blog flowed like a charm; not once did I experience  writer’s block.  Two things helped:  lots of research so my head was full of interesting tidbits and I like to write.


What was hard? The technical stuff–especially adding more than one image and having it land where I wanted it.  I chatted with WordPress so many times on that subject that they finally asked me what operating system I was using.  They told me it was too old (as did my webmaster and others.  So I did the cyber Monday thing and bought a new PC, to be installed soon!)


The other difficult challenge was to get rid of the blue background in most of my pictures. Not possible until I realized my kitchen window was UV-tinted, so I moved my photo area to a north-facing un-tinted window.


I intended to rejuvenate my bead artistry as I turned 75. It turned out that meant I must create a spectacular necklace once a week for 52 weeks:  that realization hit me early on; it became a point of pride and the true challenge.  Twenty-nine necklaces sold.  I am humbled and gratified.

One existing collector (MBL) bought 5; a new collector (DS) also bought 5: to you both, a belated but heartfelt tip of the NYEve champagne glass!  Another existing collector (SL) bought 2 and a long term friend (SG) bought 2!  New friends, local friends, plus California friends took this year over the top for me!  Thank you!

More than one person has asked me to put this together in book form.  That thought is a little overpowering right now.

Over 52 weeks, my thoughts have delved more and more frequently into the ageing process. Having fun, making moments count, valuing relationships, letting the unimportant slip away, leaning into quality workmanship, keeping promises (to post every Wednesday come hell or high water!)—-  this is what I learned this year.  And how lucky I was that Rochelle Ford’s centerpiece and philosophy were the grand finale!

One unintended consequence yielded a great benefit: I will donate four boxes of beads I no longer want after going through 52 drawers of beads acquired over  23-years, to Rosie’s Place, a non-profit in Boston, founded in 1974, which serves more than 12,000 poor and homeless women a year.  Their Craft Cooperative teaches women to make bead jewelry and learn a new skill.

Thanks for hanging in there with me.  I’m taking the rest of January off.  I shall present a new program on February 1, 2018.  Thank you all.  See you soon.  Be well.


16 thoughts on “Week 53: 2017 IN REVIEW

  1. I so looked forward to your beautiful creations and I really admire your work. There were several that really cought my eye but just haven’t been wearing all that I have already. You have prompted me to pick a goal for myself…something to do that hopefully will include a positive result physically. Happy 2018.

  2. I always enjoy your posts, both the jewelry as well as your words. You are a true artist in every way. Enjoy your time off. Happy New Year!

  3. You are a trooper to take on that challenge and what a fabulous quality job you did! You have inspired me to be more focused with my vision as well, cheers. Hope your staying warm, big HUGS, michael

  4. Statistics aside, your journey has been very inspirational for another artist! The combination of your thought process, research and personal connection make the pieces much more meaningful to the viewer. Follow this up with the discipline and skill needed to follow through the creation to completion sums up what is central about art….it’s communication! You have nailed it on so many levels! Thanks for doing this and for the summation which is yet more communication about your communication! I have learned quite a bit from your personal journey. Can’t wait for the book! Happy New Year!

  5. Moving review of a fascinating year. I learned so much from you. Looking forward to your next adventure!😇

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  6. Hurrah! What a year of magnificent creations and creativity. When some people allow their age to define or limit them, you took off the fetters and soared. So proud to be a ‘collector’ and …more important …. A friend!
    Love and congrats on your wonderful year.

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  7. What a thoughtful, heartfelt way to sum up your year of jewelry making! And, what an accomplishment! It was fun to see your weekly endeavors and learning about the Bears was icing on the cake!
    Happy New Year! Let the creativity continue to flow!

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  8. Hi Priscilla –
    I had to let you know how very much I enjoyed your 52 week journey of creating such beautiful one-of-a-kind necklaces – and the historical information you provided was enlightening with great witty humor! Congratulations on your committed accomplishment, and the sale of 29 necklaces! And your generosity in donating boxes of beads to Rosie’s Place, I am sure will be appreciated. I discovered your website around Drawer/Week 26, and was lucky to purchase the necklace created from Drawer #30. And every time when wearing “Don’t Let Your World Get Small”, I have received very nice compliments. Wishing you a wonderful and continued artistic creativity for the New Year 2018!

    p.s. I am wondering if you still have Drawer/Week 32, Cobalt Blue “Facts from Legends” available for purchase? Please let me know. Thank you.

  9. Great synopsis of year 2017!!!!! You are still a high achiever. God blessed you with a skill that you used. Love you

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  10. Priscilla, Oh you are such a cool person! Very nice review of your fabulous past year!!! And being of a certain age, even more, a happy inspiration of the ‘place’ one can continue to be in, as we age. What a nice gesture to spread your beads to Rosie’s Place. 🤗 I have truly appreciated our growing friendship this past year, and I wish you a wonderful new year. XoK

  11. Priscilla, Happy new year! What an amazing accomplishment and a real tour de force!! You should be so pleased and proud of this great project completion! You inspire me to focus on creativity and also to having fun, making moments count and valuing relationships. I love wearing my white Venetian glass beads and think about you when I wear them. Love, Kyung

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  12. Well you did it! You set the goal high and you were a success!! Amazing! I knew you could do it! Congrats! What is your next adventure??

    G. McDonald Sent from my iPad


  13. I’m TOTALLY impressed Priscilla with your creativity and 52 week challenge. We should all be so disciplined and motivated! Congratulations….and keep up the good work. I LOVED each piece of jewelry you created…each one so unique & different. The creative part of your brain is alive & well! Thank you for sharing your art.

    Miss you! Rochelle

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