July 1, 2018: Faux Pearls and A Real Puppy

“Dreams Die Hard”

I wanted this month’s featured necklace to have a short story because I have a longer story I am eager to share.

“Meet Max,wearing a necklace of abalone shell and pearls made in California by Elaine”

Max is the feature this month: a Labradoodle born on April 12, 2018 and welcomed into my home on June 19. Yellow Lab Maxie passed away on February 3 and it didn’t take me long to realize I missed my canine companion and I hated the quiet house! To fix it, I did a lot of research and found an experienced certified breeder: Marianne Hannagan at Autumn Haze Labradoodles in Newmarket, NH.

The result is an 11-lb cream-colored mellow male puppy who should be 30 lbs at maturity. He is quite delightful even though he exhausted me the first week! Week two is an improvement as we adapt to each other. We have started Obedience Training.

He now sleeps in his crate, assembledlast week by my brother-in-law, and already loves it! He walks into it often. Amazing.

He is full of puppy energy. I think he turns on a go button and runs for60 minutes, then switches the off button and sleeps for more than an hour. Since I’m getting up at 6am, I try to outsmart him by taking him to the garden where I cut, deadhead and weed while he runs up, down and around. Then at 7, it’s food, coffee and the newspaper while he cools down and sleeps. For the rest of the day, it is all about Max outsmarting me as I follow him around, removing low-hanging stuff, re-arranging electrical cords and putting my belongings up high.

Max was in the studio with me as I made this month’s necklace.

It is sweet and quiet, even though it looks so shiny in the photo. It is made with faux pearls which have no background story, in a pleasant pale yellow. The lampwork glass heart is made by Louise Erskine (MA) and is pale yellow at its center surrounded by several shades of soft green.

This necklace is 19” long; the centerpiece is 1.5″ long; the clasp is brass; matching earrings with vermeil earwires are included. $79.


14 thoughts on “July 1, 2018: Faux Pearls and A Real Puppy

  1. Maxie is adorable……can’t wait to meet her and my new necklace…………yellow??? Mark it sold!!!!!


  2. The necklace is lovely Priscilla and Max is adorable. I wondered when you were going to find your new companion. Good for you. Happy 4th and an early Happy Birthday!

  3. Max certainly did steal the show on this posting in spite of such a lovely necklace! I am so happy for you and look forward to meeting Max at Open Studios this weekend!

  4. OMG, he is so cute, I can’t wait to meet him. best of luck and happy fourth! michael & sal

  5. Max is adorable! My dog Maggie’s best friend is a Goldendoodle – looks very similar. Congratulations!

    • Dear everyone who sent good wishes for Open Studios, on the cuteness of Max (Mom pride knows no end!), and, oh yes, the necklace 🙂
      Thanks Marybeth for claiming it as yours! Love you all! Priscilla

  6. What a darling addition! He looks like he could be a handful for sure! Good thing he likes his crate, it’s a real safe spot for my guy’s and sure makes travel and other times easier, when they like it!
    Looking forward too see his adventures with you!

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