Multi-Strand Woven Necklace with Agate. Puppy update.

“Celtic Twilight”

This necklace has many fascinating beads with too many stories, so I shall focus only on the amazing agate stone centerpiece which has two sides and two personalities.  I will list all the beads for my readers’ information.

Agate really is just a stone living in volcanic host rocks discovered in the third century on the shore of a river in Sicily…think Mt. Etna.

Most agates are hollow and in the form of a geode.  Slices like this one are cut from the outside of the geode; the inside is called drusy quartz.   This agate is probably Brazilian identified by its brown color interlaced with white and gray with striking layered bands.  This is high end agate; ordinary agate is found as gravel in streams.


The stone centerpiece pictured here and above inspired this necklace’s colors:  warm and inviting.


It can be worn on either side.


This is a woven necklace with four strands started at the bottom.  The threads were pulled through the agate and then four threads were each loaded with beads, looped through a main bead, knotted, and so on, up each side.  The clasp is vermeil (14k gold over sterling silver).


Here is a list of my favorite beads in the necklace:  yellow and white “sugar beads”, my name, called crackle glass by other beaders; copal, opaque and beigey, which I have often described as young amber; white vintage Japanese cut glass; small white-striped  Venetian trade beads; semi-precious citrine chips; yellow jade; pale yellow vintage pre-war German pressed glass (three are seen at the clasp).

This necklace measures 21″ plus 7″ for the centerpiece and dangles.  It weighs 6.8 ounces.  It is not heavy to me since it is dispersed over 4 strands. Wear your own gold earrings with it.  $145.

Here is Max, the Labradoodle, now 19 weeks old.  Still a pesky puppy, but doing well in  obedience classes.  He is showing loving traits, follows me everywhere, and loves being outside!

13 thoughts on “Multi-Strand Woven Necklace with Agate. Puppy update.

  1. This one is or me! I love it. Let me know if it’s mine and I’ll send you $145. Little Max is so cute. Will he get bigger?

  2. Pretty necklace and beautiful puppy. Still looks big to me. Love the picture of the two of you. 😇

    Sent from my iPhone


  3. That necklace I’d say is a masterpiece. And it’s a great picture of you and Max. You look really happy so I guess it was a good idea. (But also know it’s probably a lot of work!) It’s a busy time right now, but we WILL get together later this month I’m hoping. xxooK

  4. Your necklaces are always beautiful. Recently I saw somebody wearing a chunky necklace out of all black round lava beads and one silver bead in front.Cool.Also saw a black and brown necklace with large black uneven beads and warm round large beads with a few gold ring like metals in between.Also cool. Thought I pass it on to you, would,t mind having something like that. Hope you are well, Marianne Maney, SLO town

  5. What a beautiful golden eruption of stones! So fitting for the gorgeous center piece that was born from ancient magma! How lucky for the woman who will wear this piece. Wow has Max has grown;-)

  6. Hi Priscilla,

    I’m so glad we connected the last time you were in SLO! Love the new puppy! I have a 3 year old labradoodle named Frank Sinatra.

    Would you be interested in sending a few necklaces to SLOMA for the Craft Art Market in late November and December?

    Let me know if you are interested.

    All the best,


    Ruta Saliklis, Ph.D. Curator and Director of Exhibitions San Luis Obispo Museum of Art 1010 Broad Street San Luis Obispo, CA 93401 805-543-8562


  7. hi Priscilla,

    Before I write my message, is this ‘you?’ Asking because email address is suddenly so different than before!


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