Max the Labradoodle Celebrates Six Months

I first introduced Max to you in my July 1 blog when he was 11 lbs and eleven weeks old.

Now he has reached six months of age and is just under 30 lbs.

Like all puppies, he is maturing; learning good citizenship; and playing his heart out every weekday with other dogs.  Like all puppy Moms, I am surviving, no thriving, with my bundle of energy and love!

He is quite a comic, especially as he is learning to pee like a big dog:  he lifts his leg against a tree but can only get a dribble out before he starts to fall over!

He had his first grooming this week and looks really sweeeeeet!   First photo is before his cut; second is in the car immediately after; third is a full view of a proper Labradoodle cut.

14 thoughts on “Max the Labradoodle Celebrates Six Months

  1. Oh my gosh Priscilla…he is adorable!!! Nikki has a male labradoodle named Rocky that looks just like Max!! He is a sweetheart!!! We still have our bishon poodle who is now 12 yrs. old & she is like our child…we love this dog beyond reason!!! So happy you have Max as your wonderful companion! How are you doing there inMass??? I guess you are still making your jewelry& have your studio? We are all well…we see the Marrs & Haynes often..& the Pescatoris, Fleming’s & Robbins too…Ann & I walk every Thursday morning & we socialize with Both couples a lot! Keith is in New Jersey now & he co-owns a company named The Factory which deals in food ( too long to explain).. He has 2 little girls 3 & 1 so we try to get back to visit every 3 months. Nikki still has her thriving wedding flower business & dates but hasn’t found ” the one” yet..but she has a happy, full life!! Sending all our love & if you come out here please let us know!! We would love to see you!! Hugs. Diane & Burt

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  2. So happy for you both. My Monroe was 12 pounds at 11 weeks. Now 90 pounds. Chesador. He will celebrate his first
    bday November 22🐾🐾

  3. Oh Priscilla, I just want to hug this little guy! Thanks so much for sharing the photos and good to know you are happy and well.

    We’re fine, just keep moseying along. I finally retired as of October 1, I was going to have to sign a two year lease for my office and may have considered one year but two sounded too long. I moved to an office on Johnson Street four years ago after Nancy retired and the landlord is not too flexible. Have to admit I feel a bit at loose ends but the house is benefiting from my cleaning out closets and drawers.

    Much love


  4. What a little love Priscilla. I had never seen a labradoodle before. He looks like you just want to hold him and cuddle with him. I’m off to the dentist at 8am for my implants and then bridge at 10. I wore your necklace to bridge and received many compliments. Many thanks for your talented workmanship. Hugs, Sue

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  5. Oh my goodness!! What an adorable pup! Wish I lived closer so I could luv that puppy up!
    Sorry I have been out of touch and missed your bday. Had a super busy summer with lots of vacations and company. Then came fall and back to school 😒Francie is taking a tough load so she’s been a bit stressed. This is the year she takes her college exams and year she can apply to colleges if she has a good GPA. So far straight A’s!! ( definitely not like her mom!)
    Hope all is well and you had a fabulous summer! We are all busy, too busy, but all happy and healthy!
    Hope to see you in the not too distant future😘

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  6. Hi Priscilla How is little Max doing? Did he fair well while you were in CA? He is so darn cute. Hugs Avis

    Sent from my iPhone In beautiful Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

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