Happy Valentine’s Day 2019

In New England, Valentine’s Day is inexorably linked to the weather which is usually snow, sleet or ice. I started making these necklaces during the weekend of the Martin Luther King holiday. Ice was the weather horror of that weekend. With a forecast of snow followed by rain followed by single digit overnight temps, I planned for a forced two-day homestay by shopping for tasty food. I stocked crab cakes, cod which I cook Mediterranean style, lobster meat for a Lobster roll as well as sautéed over angel hair pasta. I did not forget Chardonnay and Merlot!

The three necklaces shown below were strung on the sofa in front of a fire with the dog Max curled up on his spot. It was a pleasurable two days with no broken bones since the furthest I went was to the deck gate to let Max out…after pouring hot water to defrost the gate latch.

I decided to string simple seed beads and save the excitement for the dangles that are such fun to assemble. Descriptions follow, left to right.

  • Red glass “pony” (a big seed bead) necklace, 22” long with a gold metal heart clasp. Dangle of 4” with large gold metal circle as the connector. Featured beads are Murano red glass with foil interior; red glass hearts and assorted gold metal charms. $47.
  • Small gold metal round beads make the 19” long necklace and simple hook and eye clasp. Dangle of 3.5” featuring an off-white heart plus 4 gold metal hearts plus an angel making music. $39.
  • Sparkling red glass seed bead necklace, 21”, with a creative silver metal clasp. Dangle of 3.5” featuring two Murano foil glass hearts, assorted red hearts and a sterling silver and crystal small dangle. $42.

A search of my “HEARTS” box produced three gems that I could just put on a chain and present at a low price because my labor is negligible (unlike stringing those seed beads). I show them in the second photo. Again, from the left.

  • Blue and white Murano glass bead on a 20.5” on a silver mesh chain. $20.
  • Large (2.25” wide by 2” high) lime green with copper and silver foil designs embedded on a 36” copper “key chain” which I (or you) can easily make shorter. $20.
  • Simple and contemporary 18” silver chain with a stylized silver heart and gold patch. $20.






Certain dog-loving readers have asked for more Max photos. I shall graciously let him steal the spotlight every other month. This is Max on the sofa, which is for play as well as rest in his mind.  He is just shy of 9 months of age.

4 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day 2019

  1. What a cozy image of you and Max by the fire with with the creative (and “grape”) juices flowing! May have to drop a hint to someone that these are wonderful Valentines Day ideas;-). Stay warm and cozy tomorrow!

  2. I love your spirit!! Foul weather in New England in mid-winter, no worries. Just stock up on crab cakes, lobster (or, is it lobsta), angel hair pasta and add some Chardonnay. No one makes better lemonade from lemons that you. And the hearts!! Everywhere there are hearts. Are you becoming sentimental? Doesn’t seem likely but the art work hints at something. xxoo

    Wayne B Snyder

    Email: wayne@talentage.com
    Tel: 650-248-7772
    Skype: wayne.b.snyder

  3. Hi Priscilla, I love that large green and copper heart on the 36″ copper key chain!! Would like to purchase it!

    XO Tracy

  4. Hi Priscilla!

    I received the necklace today, finally made it to the mail box to check my mail! I adore it and can’t wait to wear it, it’s just perfect for me! I’m so glad you’re making these lovely pieces!

    I’ll send you a check soon, along with a note card from one of my paintings…. Hugs to you and Max!

    Thank you! Tracy

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