The Bunch Series

“Clarity and Subtlety”

A couple of years ago, I had the idea of bunching a group of related-by-color beads with a two-color necklace. I was pleased with the results, so I make one whenever the inspiration strikes. Presented here is November’s offering plus one from this year and another from last year.

They are fun to make, even if the wire work is a tad laborious. But they serve another purpose: I can utilize my special beads which don’t suffice for a full necklace, but can be the highlights of a Bunch Necklace. That is how they are born—open a drawer, find a bag of a half-dozen beauties left from a big project—lay them down on my desk and keep adding more beads until some colors announce that they are happy with each other. Lay those colors on a design board, search other drawers to find what’s missing, then celebrate the “aha” moments as a real necklace designs itself!

Not easy for a beginner, but after 25 years, I’ve learned to look and listen to the beads. They know what colors they want to be beside. Sometimes they surprise me. They have been wrong a few times and I have had to take them apart and return them to their drawers for another chance at greatness.

November’s choice could get you through this year’s holiday parties. The necklace is composed of sparkly black and clear faceted crystal glass with some rhinestone spacers. The bunch features black and white swirls on clear blown Venetian glass with additions of silver, vintage pearls, a vintage plastic flower and leaf, and vintage Japanese black glass drops. Matching asymmetrical crystal earrings. The necklace measures 20”. $99 for the set.

This necklace was born in my busy 75th year (2017) when I set aside a bag of vintage molded glass shells from 1950’s West Germany. They posed a design challenge (how to wire them) until this summer when I said, this is easy, and threw them together! I think you can see how the beads dictated that the jasper semi-precious and vintage yellow (plastic) colors would work together. Length: 19”. Matching earrings. $99 for the set.





This Bunch started when pink and aqua met on my desk, so I built on it. I wire-wrapped Venetian blown glass, “sugar” beads as I like to call glass with dotted textured surfaces, and vintage glass leaf stick pins and bunched them. The pink became matte and shiny Czech glass juxtaposed with a bit of aqua. 19” length. Wear with your silver earrings. $79





A Max Moment

I worship at Glastonbury Abbey, Hingham, MA, which has beautiful woods and grounds walked by locals and their dogs.  A long-time occurrence each October is the Blessing of the Animals.  Max was a beneficiary this year, under a gorgeous blue sky, along with about two dozen other dogs and some cats.



Me holding Max tightly so he won’t jump on Abbot Tom who celebrated the Blessing.  The Abbot had just finished asking the human participants what their pets meant to them.  I answered that he is someone I can talk to and no one thinks I am crazy but was upstaged by a 9-year old who said “a lot.”  Clearly the best answer.







On the occasion of my husband Don’s interment in Glastonbury Abbey’s Columbarium, my four sisters funded a bench in his name inscribed with these words:  “In memory of Don Beadle who had a smile for everyone.”  I wanted to connect Don and Max and here is what it looked like.

8 thoughts on “The Bunch Series

  1. The black and white beads are beautiful. Nice pic of Don’s bench and Max. Also good one with the Abbott. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Love the first set if you can make post earrings. It isPatsy Mitchell. AG. Glad pup is happy!!!!

    Sent from my iPhone


  3. Priscilla – I sure do miss you! I love keeping up with you, though, through your posts of your jewelry. Thank you for sharing with the world.

    I especially love this one, including the picture of you, Max and Abbot Tom as well as the one of Max on Don’s bench. Don always did have a smile for everyone. He was so welcoming to the girls of VPA when they descended on his home for a beading weekend in lovely San Luis Obispo. Thanks to him and to you for being the best of friends and hosts.

    We have BWAM this weekend. I can’t remember if you participated in the BWAMs after the master class year. It stands for Beading Without a Meeting. There are about 10 of us who still meet 4 times a year for a 2-day VPA weekend and meet the other 8 times a year for a one day beading with friends. We meet at Creative Castle, catch up, go out for lunch and just enjoy each other’s company. Sometimes there are only 3 or 4 of us as life often gets in the way of beading, but it is something I look forward to each month. I will send hellos from you to the girls today.

    Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving on your side of the country. Love ya, Jo Ellen

    On Fri, Nov 1, 2019 at 10:54 AM Priscilla Beadle wrote:

    > Priscilla Beadle posted: ” A couple of years ago, I had the idea of > bunching a group of related-by-color beads with a two-color necklace. I was > pleased with the results, so I make one whenever the inspiration strikes. > Presented here is November’s offering plus one from this yea” >

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