Created during the Coronavirus Shelter-in-Place which commenced on March 15, 2020 for Massachusetts.

It’s been easy to daydream. There is no pressure to get anything done, no place to go, so why not dream up things to do in my studio?  Or make lists of where to go when we are allowed back out.  Or pull out Unfinished Projects…yikes, I found six pillow tops I quilted back in that phase of my life 15 years ago. Nothing is going to motivate me to finish them, so my Project is to hire somebody else to do so.  Or that intimidating 4′ by 3’canvas which I started 2 or 3 years ago and am now daydreaming how to finish.  And so on…

My worktop has a half-dozen semi-finished necklaces featuring beads from my new bead stash (Helen’s old stash. See January 2020 blog). I daydream over them. I’ll get them done when it warms up a bit. In the meantime, I’ll daydream-design another half-dozen.


This is April’s necklace. I think the centerpiece is a new-tech collage overlaid on a bead and sealed in resin. I thought it was glass until I examined it carefully. The choice of pearlized Czech glass interspersed with faux turquoise Czech glass feels right with the unusual center bead. Brass clasp. 23.5” long. Wear your gold earrings with it. $49 with free shipping.


I checked to see if I had any real turquoise necklaces in my inventory. I found only one and talk about real turquoise! This necklace features four faceted cuts of what is called America’s finest turquoise! It is from Arizona’s Sleeping Beauty mine. Check it out in the January 2019 blog.



Max’s favorite toy delights him as he hogs the ottoman while I read my Wall Street Journal and drink my coffee before our day starts.



I send prayers and empathy to all the great Americans touched by this relentless coronavirus. While many have and more will recover, for those who have not, I wish for the repose of their souls.


9 thoughts on “Daydream

  1. My first reaction when I saw your turquoise was Aha, Hong Kong! Such memories and so many changes. You remind me that I should probably get my beads out to become productive. But…. I have not been out since 3/8 and feel safe in my little abode. Working on cupboards and freezer challenging. Boccatos close by when needed. Stay safe enjoy Max and keep creating your beautiful work. 🐕🍷🎨🙏

  2. Hi Priscilla, That necklace is lovely! Solitude has only enhanced your wonderful gift of designing jewelry. It was good to hear from you and be able to know that you are okay! Wit Th great admiration for your gifts, Kay

    Sent from my iPad


  3. Priscilla,
    I hope you are doing well despite the coronavirus pandemic. Wayne and I are sheltering place in Cabo for the foreseeable future. We are enjoying our quiet time together, daily walks, yoga at home, reading cooking, painting. I set up a studio on my deck and am painting everyday. I will send you some photos of my paintings of the flowers and plants I see on my daily walks.
    Sending you ❤️

    Kyung H Yoon
    CEO Talent Age Associates

  4. Both of these summery pieces catapult me to day dreaming with you about balmy breezes, surf, & sand! I pray we are all safe and sound by summer and this nightmare is behind us. Stay well my dear friend!

  5. well said Priscilla.   This one is very beautiful but I am at the stage of downsizing.   keep well.   I am going to forward your e mail to a few of my friends and maybe someone will be interested .         With luck we might even be able to go out by summer and begin enjoying our freedoms we all so take for granted.   My day consists of reading, watching hours of TV and the highlight is taking the dog for a walk.   Sadly (and a good thing) when walking along the sidewalk and someone is coming in the opposite direction    one of us will cross the street!                                   Virginia.

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