Happy Second Birthday!

Sitting tall, Mr. Max is a proud two-year old. A little wiser, a little better behaved, still makes me laugh more than once a day! Such a perfect companion!




Second camera click:  eyes narrowed, thinking how do I get this hat off?









Third camera click: Oh, this will be so easy!  I just pull it off with my big fat paws.

Paws move up to hat….











Fourth camera click:  hat off, fallen to floor.  Max wins the round and the match in the time it takes to make four clicks in a row!










I always to include a portrait of us together at this time of the year. This was way more than four clicks to get a shot. I do a selfie once a year, so forgive me if there is more ceiling than Max and me! We are both well in this serious season of coronavirus. Thank goodness “pet services” are declared essential in Massachusetts, so he can go to playtime! I’ve used that time to collage while taking an 8-week online class; Monday I move to necklaces. My head is bursting with ideas!

11 thoughts on “Happy Second Birthday!

  1. Congrats on such happiness in your life. No birthdays here, but lots of love as I awoke this Easter Sunday🐾🐾

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  2. Happy birthday Max!

    Two years old is a big birthday and so happy for you and Mom. You are such a cute dog! I wish you lived closer so you and Becky could play. We are so happy you and Mom are doing well. Laughter is such good medicine and we get huge doses of that with Becky too. We laugh everyday with her around so I understand completely. Happy Easter and stay safe and healthy! Love Avis, Jim and Becky

    Sent from my iPhone In beautiful Coeur d’Alene, Idaho


  3. Thanks for the delightful photos Priscilla! I think I’ll be glad when Colt, my 8 month old Standard Schnauzer, will be two. I’m told by other SS owners that that’s the magic age. He’s quite the handful now! Jan

  4. 2 years already …. what a blessing to have him in your life. Humor and companionship =a winning combination.
    Happy blessed Easter!

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