This is the first time in my three years of monthly posts that I missed my First Day of the Month posting deadline. Excuses range from technical to physical reasons. But here I am presenting a calming ethereal necklace in amethyst with a lampwork glass centerpiece.


Most of the amethyst are nuggets, nicely polished, with a wide range of color and striation which I have arranged with darker tones at the top and lighter near the centerpiece. I also added a few medium range round amethysts next to the centerpiece and at the clasp.

The centerpiece is 1.5″ diameter. The base color of the sphere appears to be amethyst and it is. The artist, Louise Erskine (MA), added some iridescence to the amethyst to make it interesting. The small bumps atop the sphere have a multitude of colors–beige, amethyst, brass–all shimmering with pearlescence!

This 21″ necklace has a gold metal clasp. $79.

I made the earrings a while ago and was pleasantly surprised at how well they compliment each other. Sterling silver earwires with lavender and beige opaque glass circles plus the larger one has the same colors in lampwork that the sphere has. This was all predestined! They are 1 1/4″ from ear lobe to the bottom of the large circle. $30.

A Max Moment

This is the dance Max does as a greeting when I come home. So funny. He makes me laugh a lot!

4 thoughts on “Clairvoyant

  1. It’s a Gothic beauty. The center piece might be easily misinterpreted as a representation of the covid-19 virus – a so-called “corona” virus.. This is testimony to my over exposure to all things covid!

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  2. Pricilla … a quote from A Christmas Carol, “… another triumph”. I wish I had a younger neck. Carol

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