Happy Third Birthday, Max!

Max on April 9, 2021

Every April, I take a picture of Max and Mom. Last year I did a cock-eyed selfie of us featuring mostly ceiling. This year, luck had it that his groomer, Jen of “Groom with Me”, was here and took a great shot of us!

I like to include myself so my distant friends can see my face again. This is taken in my studio which I have been readying for my new normal life, but haven’t gotten to displays which show empty right now. New normal for me is an expectation of Open Studios in August and September as well as studio space for beading, acrylic painting and watercolor painting. The latter two are hobbies which I spent the last 13 months improving with Zoom classes and lots of daily practice. So I have two dedicated hobby spaces which I can keep as cluttered as I like! My bead space is the same Corian work area with side shelves for beading tools as I had built in 2000 in San Luis Obispo, CA. And, yes, my 52-drawer Chinese Apothecary Chest still holds my beads!

As for Max, he weighs 42 lbs, all muscle, and is healthy and active. And comical. His unwritten job description is to make me laugh at least once a day. Officially, he is responsible to be my faithful companion and he does that well, listening to me as I babble on. He is still mischievous, runs instead of walking, follows me around the house but thinks he is a free spirit outdoors! He still spends five days a week at Sunshine Pet Parlor, Hull, t play with Ralphie and his other pals.

That’s it for another year. May you also enjoy a good laugh every day!!!

10 thoughts on “Happy Third Birthday, Max!

  1. Hi Priscilla –

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAX!!! What a great picture of you both!

    My friend and “drawing teacher” Pat LaLiberte came by last week to go for a walk around my neighborhood and I mentioned that I had just received your latest necklace design and the photos of Max and his “blanket”. Pat said she see Max every Sunday at the Abbey when he (and all the other dogs) get a dog biscuit from one of the monks. How kind of them to do that!

    All the best, Sandy


  2. Hi Priscilla & Max – Happy Birthday buddy! Thanks for sharing such a wonderful image and update from you both. I’m excited to hear you have been working in watercolor. I just started a four-week zoom session this morning and will send you the recording, no charge.

    Not sure if you heard, but Sal and I bought a wonderful home in Estero, FL only 6 miles from where we were. We have lots of space, a very nice studio for me, a three-car garage where Sal has workshop set up, Roger has a bedroom, bath and den of his own and a heated pool that overlooks a pond. I still can’t believe we ended up in such a grand home, you will definitely have to visit if you make it down here some year.

    We are headed back on May 28th so hope to catch up some more in June. Blessings, and be well, S&M&R

  3. Oh Max 3 years old. What an awesome gift you are to each other. So much love and companionship from both. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I hope you received a special gift.

    Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone

  4. Hello Priscilla,

    So nice to see your photo- you look fabulous and Max is quite handsome. Happy to hear you kept yourself entertained during Covid. What a strange year it has been. We are all vaccinated in planning a trip to Puerto Rico next month. I can barely wait!

    I hope to see photos of your completed work. I wish I could sit down and accomplish all you do- I’m envious!Hope this finds you well and with that pretty smile on your face.

    Love to you,

    Sent from my iPhone

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