Two Necklaces for Spring

“Makes the Heart Leap”

This necklace features the soft pastels of Spring inspired by a handmade glass heart centerpiece by Lori Engel, Massachusetts. The beads are Czech glass. I selected these beads last winter to make for Spring 2020 but we were all robbed of our plans for that particular Spring. It feels good to present them this Spring as we march forward with renewed hope!

Matching earrings on silver-filled wires. The necklace measures 20″. The set is $85.

“Twinkle, Twinkle”

The lilacs are just blooming on the South Shore of Boston, as celebrated by these sparkling amethysts, faceted and set off with a glass seed bead separating each semi-precious gemstone. A Swarovski crystal star continues the sparkle with its well-placed facets. I found a star clasp in my stash with two extra stars serving as matching earrings with silver-filled earwires.

The necklace measures 19″. The set is $99.

A Max Moment

To satisfy Max’s need to release energy, he plays five hours a day, five days a week, at Sunshine Pet Place in Hull. On Wednesdays and Sundays, it’s Max and Me. Fortunately there is some residual fatigue from playing, so he does sleep a lot, but I try to find fun things for him to do.

One thing is this lengthy bully stick which makes me laugh when he goes around corners or through a doorway with the extra-long bully stick in his mouth, and he is stopped dead, so he has to figure it out, which he does easily. Part of that treat is making the trip to the Pet Store which is full of such wondrous things to smell, see and lick (like the open boxes of small bully sticks).

Another challenge for me was to find a place where he can run that is safe and interesting. Last October I had my second knee replacement, so I needed a flat and safe place for me and my cane. It turned out to be the commuter rail parking lot. Monstrously big, it parks 400 cars, with nary a half dozen cars in sight due to Covid. One side has ~20′ wide strip with trees, weeds and a fence that runs the whole length–perfect for a male dog always in search of a tree! Max loves it and runs up, down, and around.

3 thoughts on “Two Necklaces for Spring

  1. This would have been a better necklace for our neighbor! May I purchase it as well? We did not give her the last one yet the Purple one with the star! But I’ll buy this one for her just from me Ok She just put her house in escrow Sold for 2.2 million – dam so expensive in CA Please let me know and I’ll send you a check as before Patti


  2. 2 beautiful necklaces. Great update on Max.

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