Tiger Stripes

“Tiger Stripes”

This centerpiece is one of a half dozen blown glass pieces I purchased in Venice on my grand bead shopping visit to the magical island in 201. I was also celebrating a nostalgic return to my most favorite place in Europe.

The centerpiece bead struck me as a very original design, especially since four of the others I bought were one color only and the fifth was a wavy, watery blue and white which I featured in the blog of July 1, 2020.

It was pure luck that I had these smoky orangey polka dot beads to act as transitions from larger to medium sized beads. But my bead storage drawers overflow with resplendent beads guaranteed to provide just the right design highlight to any necklace. The black beads are vintage plastic which also serve the purpose of keeping the necklace light. It only weighs 4.6 ounces.

The tassel is short and speaks to the smoky colors in the hand-made glass beads. The necklace is 20″ long and the focal bead and dangle are 4″ long. I did not make any earrings as the black beads seemed too boring so I recommend wearing your favorite gold earrings–any size will do. The price is $105 and shipping is $9.

A Max Moment

The Dish Towel Routine”The Grocery List Routine”

We all have routines. Max too. His morning routine (right) occurs when I am settled in with my newspaper and coffee and he disappears from the living room. In a few minutes, he comes running back in with something in his mouth, screeches to a halt in front of me and stares until I look at him. I am then expected to tell him to drop it which he does, leaving it on the carpet. I am to say “Good Boy”, retrieve the object, and go back to reading the news. He finds a comfy spot near me and snoozes, his job done.

On the left is what happens later in the day if he feels like playing the game again. More drama, enjoying his loot on his bed, until I show up and a “how can you scold me for just wanting to have fun?” look covers his face.

2 thoughts on “Tiger Stripes

  1. beautiful Priscilla      I am not in the market for any jewelry but there was a day I would have grabbed it.   Now I am pondering on who should get what when the time comes.      Great work   I am sure you won’t have it for very long.     

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