The nautilus shape has always fascinated me, mostly for its infinity circle which in my mind goes on endlessly and offers a myriad of secrets in its center, invisible to the naked eye. I also have a collection of nautilus shells, tucked away in a glass cabinet in my studio, and only remembered at this very moment. I collected them over the years at visits to great beaches in Hawaii, Indonesia, Bali, and a real gem on a snorkeling trip in Baja, Mexico. No I did not encounter it in the transparent blue waters, but when an enterprising local pulled his put-put up to our boat and offered large ones for sale.

This necklace has a certain mystery to it too. I was rummaging through Drawer # 50, one of the three large ones across the bottom, and pulled out a large plastic bag with interesting pieces of shell beads. Therein was this necklace, completely made except for the clasp. Easy. Meant to be this month’s showpiece.

“By the Sea”

The necklace features antique pieces of “Acra” shell, as I understood the vendor when I purchased them at a big California bead show, probably 15-20 years ago. I did my homework, as I always do for my dear Readers, and the shells are found, carved and drilled in Ghana, on the Atlantic coast of Africa, and named for Accra, its capital. The centerpiece shell is from the Naga tribe, a landlocked people in the Himalayas who traded with shells in lieu of money. Traders bought their beads and sold them at bead shows. The sterling silver melon beads are from one of my favorite Indian vendors of that era, as are the spacer beads and the nautilus sterling silver piece. I have a larger nautilus in my stash for a future necklace.

This neckpiece sits nicely on the neck at 19″ long plus the 3″ of the center shell. I recommend your silver earrings to accompany this striking necklace. $99 plus $8 shipping.

A Max Moment

Max enjoys his naps, especially when he can cuddle his blankie. Well, here he is preferring my garden shoe over his blankie. My stinky shoe smell wins over his stinky blankie smell!!!


Calling all locals. Open Studio details in sidebar on the right side of this blog. See you this weekend! Open 10-4.

4 thoughts on “Nautilus

  1. Perfect for this strange summer … linen and shells! Are you part of the artist tour next weekend? c

  2. Max is so adorable! Hope you two are doing well. It’s been a hot, windy and smoky summer- very untypical and a bummer as we can’t get outdoors like we normally do. But of course we’ve managed to do shorter outings and explore some new places.
    Hope you can make it out to visit one if there’s days. Miss you and sending lots of love

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  3. Beautiful necklace and wonderful back story as always! Can’t wait to see you and all the lovey pieces you’ve posted over the past “isolated” months at Open Studios. We’ll get lunch on the books too;-)

  4. That’s a beauty …..if I didn’t already have my lovely white …….hmmmm

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