Artist’s Statement

I love the hunt for beads:  odd, large, ethnic, contrarian beads; antique or contemporary glass beads; rare and unusual colors; textures that lead to touching.  Successful hunting inspires bold eclectic designs that result in my unique necklaces and bracelets.

Each Beadleful design starts with a centerpiece bead.  I add whimsy, color excitement, texture, chunky beads, a fabulous clasp; then I design and string a collectable necklace.

I have been a bead jewelry artist since 1993 when, after 23 years in the corporate world, I retired to accompany my husband on his job assignment in Hong Kong.  Southeast Asia became my handicraft fantasy world as I hunted for beads in the bazaars of Tibet and Nepal, in dusty shops in Beijing, on remote Indonesian islands reached by catamaran, in beautiful Bali, and in verdant Indochina—Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

I also use vintage German pressed glass, contemporary American art glass and I admit I am in love with whimsical vintage plastic beads.  For the 1998 Oscar television ceremony, Fay Wray, of King Kong fame, wore one of my necklaces featuring Venetian blown glass mixed with ethnic beads.

I offer my necklaces to discerning buyers who love the sparks my pieces create and the adornment they give!

Priscilla Beadle


Hull, MA

Priscilla stands next to a display of her necklaces

5 thoughts on “Artist’s Statement

  1. I read where you will be judging an event, in Rockland, Mass. Since photography will be part, of the event are you qualified to judge the photographs, in a satisfactory manner?

    • I don’t blame you for asking that question after re-reading my statement. It could also be well posed by a sculptor, a printmaker, or a potter. I was chosen as a juror based on my broad appreciation and knowledge of the arts. Having had a liberal arts education and lived in Europe for five years, my exposure to two and three dimensional art is more sophisticated than many Americans. My husband and I have collected contemporary American artists’ work since the late 80’s and live every day surrounded by well composed, professionally executed, highly creative artwork. I hope your work rises to that level and will vie for the top prize among all the other excellent pieces I am looking forward to viewing.

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