Two Necklaces for Spring

“Makes the Heart Leap”

This necklace features the soft pastels of Spring inspired by a handmade glass heart centerpiece by Lori Engel, Massachusetts. The beads are Czech glass. I selected these beads last winter to make for Spring 2020 but we were all robbed of our plans for that particular Spring. It feels good to present them this Spring as we march forward with renewed hope!

Matching earrings on silver-filled wires. The necklace measures 20″. The set is $85.

“Twinkle, Twinkle”

The lilacs are just blooming on the South Shore of Boston, as celebrated by these sparkling amethysts, faceted and set off with a glass seed bead separating each semi-precious gemstone. A Swarovski crystal star continues the sparkle with its well-placed facets. I found a star clasp in my stash with two extra stars serving as matching earrings with silver-filled earwires.

The necklace measures 19″. The set is $99.

A Max Moment

To satisfy Max’s need to release energy, he plays five hours a day, five days a week, at Sunshine Pet Place in Hull. On Wednesdays and Sundays, it’s Max and Me. Fortunately there is some residual fatigue from playing, so he does sleep a lot, but I try to find fun things for him to do.

One thing is this lengthy bully stick which makes me laugh when he goes around corners or through a doorway with the extra-long bully stick in his mouth, and he is stopped dead, so he has to figure it out, which he does easily. Part of that treat is making the trip to the Pet Store which is full of such wondrous things to smell, see and lick (like the open boxes of small bully sticks).

Another challenge for me was to find a place where he can run that is safe and interesting. Last October I had my second knee replacement, so I needed a flat and safe place for me and my cane. It turned out to be the commuter rail parking lot. Monstrously big, it parks 400 cars, with nary a half dozen cars in sight due to Covid. One side has ~20′ wide strip with trees, weeds and a fence that runs the whole length–perfect for a male dog always in search of a tree! Max loves it and runs up, down, and around.

Happy Third Birthday, Max!

Max on April 9, 2021

Every April, I take a picture of Max and Mom. Last year I did a cock-eyed selfie of us featuring mostly ceiling. This year, luck had it that his groomer, Jen of “Groom with Me”, was here and took a great shot of us!

I like to include myself so my distant friends can see my face again. This is taken in my studio which I have been readying for my new normal life, but haven’t gotten to displays which show empty right now. New normal for me is an expectation of Open Studios in August and September as well as studio space for beading, acrylic painting and watercolor painting. The latter two are hobbies which I spent the last 13 months improving with Zoom classes and lots of daily practice. So I have two dedicated hobby spaces which I can keep as cluttered as I like! My bead space is the same Corian work area with side shelves for beading tools as I had built in 2000 in San Luis Obispo, CA. And, yes, my 52-drawer Chinese Apothecary Chest still holds my beads!

As for Max, he weighs 42 lbs, all muscle, and is healthy and active. And comical. His unwritten job description is to make me laugh at least once a day. Officially, he is responsible to be my faithful companion and he does that well, listening to me as I babble on. He is still mischievous, runs instead of walking, follows me around the house but thinks he is a free spirit outdoors! He still spends five days a week at Sunshine Pet Parlor, Hull, t play with Ralphie and his other pals.

That’s it for another year. May you also enjoy a good laugh every day!!!

Favorite Titian

“Favorite Titian”

Welcome back, dear Readers! A word of explanation is in order. I said Au Revoir on November 30, 2020, telling you I couldn’t cope with changes and upgrades. In January, I searched for new platforms but none were a fit for me due to advertisements, complexity, transferring readers’ emails, etc. So I drifted into inertia, too overwhelmed by technology.

Enter my Rescuer! Yulia Shea, my nephew’s wife and talented IT consultant! She and my nephew are here in Hull on a house-hunting trip, hoping to soon relocate from New York City. She suggested I stay on the platform and offered to train me. Contact her at She did an excellent job! Thank you, Yulia!

It feels good to showcase my work again even though I haven’t beaded for a while. I actually shut down my beading on July 28, 2020, since all my selling opportunities were Covid-cancelled. I stayed busy, however. I became a serial Zoom art student: watercolor, abstracts in acrylic, image transfer portraiture, and fun with metallic acrylics which reminded me of the colorful poster paints one uses as a kid. It has made me happy to dedicate eight months to my hobby of painting; it has challenged me intellectually (watercolors require a lot of mental engagement!) and artistically.

But now I am back to beading, my first love since 1995, and still resplendent 26 years later!

Today’s necklace features etched copper beads and rock crystal nuggets with a magnificent centerpiece of rock crystal shards encased in sculpted metal electroplated in copper. A word about copper. It and sterling silver vie for first place in my beading heart. Sterling doesn’t need an explanation since it is universally loved and appreciated. Copper is sort of a color to me: rusty, orange-y, Hermes-y and peach. Yet it is a metal which is an excellent partner and counterbalance for beads. The clasp is also copper, crafted in Mexico, as are the spacer beads close to it.

I named it after Titian who was the significant artist of his era (High Renaissance) because my bias for copper considers this a significant necklace of my hand. Priced at $99 for the set which includes earrings. $9 shipping or contact me at to pick up. It weighs 7.1 ounces, less than half a pound.

A Max Moment

Max too has been missing sharing his adventures with you or so I intuit. I shall pick up where I left off–with his blankie (security blanket), which I pictured in the September 1, 2020 blog (and here, below right) as 20′ long and falling apart. I asked for help in how to get rid of it. Thanks for your advice–I kept cutting off a foot or two until there was nothing and swapped in a new fleece sofa throw during the holidays. Here it is mere months later, still providing him comfort and the forbidden bite when I am not looking.

Final Thought

How naive I was in 2020 regarding the Coronavirus-19, as I called it. In July of that year, I said the posted necklace was probably the last one I would make during Covid, as I call it now. I actually thought it was ending. It wasn’t and I have no idea when it will. As I did then, and do now, I offer my condolences to everyone who has lost a loved one to Covid. Let us pray it will end soon.

Au Revoir

Dear Readers,

I’m an artist, not a technical genius.  WordPress upgraded to a new platform while retaining their “classic” platform.  In the past day and a half, I’ve been frustrating myself trying to get either platform to perform for me.  I have engaged their chat help line, but when I solo, it drops copy and tells me I’m not authorized to upload images.  Even Max is offended!

So I shall search out an easier platform and hope the New Year will be kinder to this artist’s blog.  WordPress tells me I’ve posted 117 blogs (that amazed me!) and I have 127 followers.  Thank you, brave readers, for sticking with me, and may you have a superb 2021.

Best regards,



This is the first time in my three years of monthly posts that I missed my First Day of the Month posting deadline. Excuses range from technical to physical reasons. But here I am presenting a calming ethereal necklace in amethyst with a lampwork glass centerpiece.


Most of the amethyst are nuggets, nicely polished, with a wide range of color and striation which I have arranged with darker tones at the top and lighter near the centerpiece. I also added a few medium range round amethysts next to the centerpiece and at the clasp.

The centerpiece is 1.5″ diameter. The base color of the sphere appears to be amethyst and it is. The artist, Louise Erskine (MA), added some iridescence to the amethyst to make it interesting. The small bumps atop the sphere have a multitude of colors–beige, amethyst, brass–all shimmering with pearlescence!

This 21″ necklace has a gold metal clasp. $79.

I made the earrings a while ago and was pleasantly surprised at how well they compliment each other. Sterling silver earwires with lavender and beige opaque glass circles plus the larger one has the same colors in lampwork that the sphere has. This was all predestined! They are 1 1/4″ from ear lobe to the bottom of the large circle. $30.

A Max Moment

This is the dance Max does as a greeting when I come home. So funny. He makes me laugh a lot!

Happy Second Birthday!

Sitting tall, Mr. Max is a proud two-year old. A little wiser, a little better behaved, still makes me laugh more than once a day! Such a perfect companion!




Second camera click:  eyes narrowed, thinking how do I get this hat off?









Third camera click: Oh, this will be so easy!  I just pull it off with my big fat paws.

Paws move up to hat….











Fourth camera click:  hat off, fallen to floor.  Max wins the round and the match in the time it takes to make four clicks in a row!










I always to include a portrait of us together at this time of the year. This was way more than four clicks to get a shot. I do a selfie once a year, so forgive me if there is more ceiling than Max and me! We are both well in this serious season of coronavirus. Thank goodness “pet services” are declared essential in Massachusetts, so he can go to playtime! I’ve used that time to collage while taking an 8-week online class; Monday I move to necklaces. My head is bursting with ideas!





FRIDAY, AUG 16 FROM 6 TO 8 PM.  wine and cheese to celebrate 3000.

SATURDAY & SUNDAY, AUG 17 & 18 from 10 TO 4.


Max the Labradoodle Celebrates Six Months

I first introduced Max to you in my July 1 blog when he was 11 lbs and eleven weeks old.

Now he has reached six months of age and is just under 30 lbs.

Like all puppies, he is maturing; learning good citizenship; and playing his heart out every weekday with other dogs.  Like all puppy Moms, I am surviving, no thriving, with my bundle of energy and love!

He is quite a comic, especially as he is learning to pee like a big dog:  he lifts his leg against a tree but can only get a dribble out before he starts to fall over!

He had his first grooming this week and looks really sweeeeeet!   First photo is before his cut; second is in the car immediately after; third is a full view of a proper Labradoodle cut.

Multi-Strand Woven Necklace with Agate. Puppy update.

“Celtic Twilight”

This necklace has many fascinating beads with too many stories, so I shall focus only on the amazing agate stone centerpiece which has two sides and two personalities.  I will list all the beads for my readers’ information.

Agate really is just a stone living in volcanic host rocks discovered in the third century on the shore of a river in Sicily…think Mt. Etna.

Most agates are hollow and in the form of a geode.  Slices like this one are cut from the outside of the geode; the inside is called drusy quartz.   This agate is probably Brazilian identified by its brown color interlaced with white and gray with striking layered bands.  This is high end agate; ordinary agate is found as gravel in streams.


The stone centerpiece pictured here and above inspired this necklace’s colors:  warm and inviting.


It can be worn on either side.


This is a woven necklace with four strands started at the bottom.  The threads were pulled through the agate and then four threads were each loaded with beads, looped through a main bead, knotted, and so on, up each side.  The clasp is vermeil (14k gold over sterling silver).


Here is a list of my favorite beads in the necklace:  yellow and white “sugar beads”, my name, called crackle glass by other beaders; copal, opaque and beigey, which I have often described as young amber; white vintage Japanese cut glass; small white-striped  Venetian trade beads; semi-precious citrine chips; yellow jade; pale yellow vintage pre-war German pressed glass (three are seen at the clasp).

This necklace measures 21″ plus 7″ for the centerpiece and dangles.  It weighs 6.8 ounces.  It is not heavy to me since it is dispersed over 4 strands. Wear your own gold earrings with it.  $145.

Here is Max, the Labradoodle, now 19 weeks old.  Still a pesky puppy, but doing well in  obedience classes.  He is showing loving traits, follows me everywhere, and loves being outside!